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Bethany Christian Trust are a charity established in 1983 which supports 6,000 homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland to help find, equip and maintain a home within their local community. Each year we are proud to produce their yearly annual report. All creative produced is non–chargeable in our efforts to help boost awareness for the charity.

2014 was no different with Bethany approaching Teviot to produce their 2014 Annual Report. Throughout the 2000's, we have been lucky enough to win numerous awards for our annual report creative work. Making sure the creative remained exciting and innovative was going to be a real challenge to overcome.


An initial briefing session provided key objectives and project parameters. For the 2013-2014 report Bethany wanted to shift the focus away from it's core mission of protecting the homeless and instead shift focus to its vulnerable people service which helps people recover from addictions and domestic violence. As the annual report is a method of promoting the charity, we needed to create a theme that would form the basis of content.


We decided to hinge our creative on the message 'Life from a different angle'. The rational being that in order to fully understand the plight of homeless and vulnerable people we needed to put ourselves in their shoes. We thought to really play homage to the theme the creative could be presented in a completely different fashion to the conventional annual report standard, with images and text being positioned at numerous different angles rather than the standard landscape or portrait origination.

A key component to the creative was that Bethany wanted all the images within the report to be positive and depict real people associated with the charity.. We wanted to capture a mix of volunteers and benefactors from the charity. To showcase how Bethany has contributed to changing these people's lives. Within the report the reader encounters testimonials from Karen, a Bethany volunteer, who has received assistance to support Adam, her autistic son and Michael, who once owned flats and land but due to the recession needed sheltering. By keeping the photography real and positive, we hoped it would cause a real connection with the reader.

"The Annual Report is a fun & immersive brief to work on. Bethany are really open to us pushing the creative as far as we can each year."

Teviot Community


Working with Bethany is always an enjoyable and enriching experience. Bethany allow us complete creative freedom, something that challenges, but also allows us to put a true Teviot stamp onto work we believe is inspiring and remarkable. Published in September, we are proud to say that the client was very pleased with what we produced.

"I received the Bethany annual review yesterday, along with a thank you letter from Chris, and I just wanted to write a wee note and say "WOW!". It's an amazing document full of hope, love and inspiration. I love the format and all the great stories, in fact, I read them all."