We aim to give 10% each year to areas where we believe we can make a difference.

Generosity is a big part of our culture.

It is part of our 'unexpected'. We want to impact the world with our money and time and in doing so, inspire others to follow.


It started as a conversation in a coffee shop. What if we gave everyone, one day a year, to make a difference and positively impact the life of someone else. How cool would that be? And so 'Day for Good' was born. Each community member can decide what they want to do with their day. We've created wheelchair paths up the highlands, decorated flats for the vulnerable, and helped out in local charity shops to help generate funds and create awareness. It's the little things that matter, not just for us, but for others too.


In 2009, two people had a simple, inspired idea. Jock and Emma Hutchison dreamed of taking wounded servicemen and women returning from active service and introducing them to horses. Working with the animals, and riding them in the countryside, service personnel who had been mentally and physically scarred from combat service could regain their confidence, dignity and, especially in the case of the amputees, mobility.

Through the courses at HorseBack UK and the voluntary programmes, participants, trained by instructors who suffer combat injuries or PTS, find a place where they may rebuild- moving forward into a brighter future. We're happy to announce we're presently in the process of creating a campaign awareness video to ensure future funding throughout the UK.


COS is a Scottish-based charity closely working with communities in Tanzania to provide health, livelihood and education programmes to children orphaned by AIDS. Since 1999, COS have worked closely with Good Samaritan Mission to provide social, civil and health services within the communities, ensuring the strategies are shaped by the locals.

We proud to have enabled COS to build a school for 250 local children, ages 2-16. We've also designed and built the COS website over the past 3 years.


Daughters of Cambodia reaches out to victims of sex trafficking and sex-exploitation in Cambodia. Daughters has created a unique operating centre in the heart of the Phnom Penh brothels in which workers can come directly to the organisation by choice, offering them a way out. A number of resources and programmes provide an exit to a new way of life through education, enabling them to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle through employment and social and psychological services. Programmes from Daughters provide them choice and dignity in building a new future. We have donated money into their emergency fund, which has enabled them to continue to offer support to the girls in crisis for 12 months.


Bethany Christian Trust are a charity established in 1983 supporting 6,000 homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. Over the past 5 years we have been a creative partner with Bethany and creatively produced their annual report and website as part of our overall giving.

The community at Teviot also run a variety of sponsored events off their own back to help raise money for the homeless in Edinburgh.


Close to our heart, we have been a part of the Oasis journey, supporting them financially for the past 2 years. This year we are excited to help them strategically with their rebrand via a new website, photography and collateral that will in turn, generate more awareness, creating avenues for additional funding.

Oasis is a counseling service in Dublin for both children and adults that tackle issues of substance abuse, sexual abuse, crisis intervention, and the affects of suicide amongst others.


We are all about making people the best they can be and that doesn't just mean the vunerable. Jamie started to race at the age of eight. He qualified for the GB Optimist Squad at 10. Since then, he has represented the UK at 6 world championships. At 15, he is one of the youngest sailors to have ever competed at this level.

In order to draw in funding and obtain sponsorship from larger organisations, we created the 'Jamie Calder' brand which has involved a brand mark, blog site and presentation materials.

We want to help him fulfill his dream of making the GBR Olympic squad.


Sean Noon has previously been a Scottish Youth Champion on the Track and Road and has a bright future ahead of him. 2014 has been a successful year for Sean with a number of high profile victories.

We are supporting Sean by providing him a website and presence on key social media channels, which will allow him to market himself to potential sponsors. In addition, we have been able to negotiate a deal to supply all his nutritional sports needs through a partnership with a leading sports drinks provider.